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>> so, my last slide before i take additional questions, is just focused on what are the next steps with this proposal assessment district? and the next steps would be that if this is forwarded to the full board would be november 20th, the full board would consider the resolution of amendment of the whole that is in front of you, and if that is approved on the 20th, then the department of elections will be ininstructed to mail ballots which they will do by november 30th. the ballots would go out and there is a 45-day ballot period. so what we are proposing is to have the public information meeting at budget and finance
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on january 23rd. as well as that is the hearing on the issues bonds and more on the structure would go before you again at that point. >> and then, february 5th, would be the proposed ballot hearing, where the ballots would be tabulated as well as a vote on the resolution to issue bonds. and squished in between all of that is the capital planning committee before the resolution to issue bonds comes to the budget and finance it will have to go to the capitol committee in early january or late december. we can't predict how long it will take but we estimate that it should be wrapped up by june 2013. and then, our anticipation is that the district would again in july, 2013, but in the management plan it also says,
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you know, that date could get pushed out depending on the validation action period. with that we take the team of the members that didn't speak as part of the city team, we are here to answer the questions that you may have. >> is there anything that you want to add on item number eleven? >> did we call both items? >> we did. >> excuse me. >> okay. so then, yes. >> item 11, is an amendment to our article 15. it would provide some additional ways to enhance the state law for business improvement dikts and it would allow us to extend the term to 40 years when assessments are applied to pay for any bonds,
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or certificates of participation or similar obligations because under the state law, yes, we are allowed to issue bonds, assessment districts can issue the bonds, as well as the city can issue bonds and have them repaid by assessment district. but we wanted to clarify that if we are going to be issuing that kind of financing. we need a longer term than what is currently allowed in our enabling ordinance, it says right now up to 15 years. so in order to issue bonds, we would need to be able to go up to possibly 40 years in this case it is going to be 32. but the ordinance would be amended to allow the 40 years in the case of such financing. and then, the ordinance also would be amended to our article 15 is proposed to be amended to also authorize the board of supervisors to have a procedure to aestablishing business-based
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and a stronger flesh hold of voter participation for improvement districts and that would be optional at the discretion of the board but it would be an option for the board in the future if this amendment is approved for article 15. >> thank you. >> could you speak to the amendment of the whole? >> yes. so the amendment of the whole was necessary because we from the time that the petitions were originally, the first petitions were originally submitted to the board of supervisors that triggered the 30 percent support, which allowed the resolution of intention to be introduced. from that time forward, when we started working with the budget analyst office, it was clear that we needed to provide the full picture of the project financing now, even though this resolution is only moving forward the assessment district portion of the financing. we realize that we needed to get very clear on all of the financing terms including the
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city's contribution as well as the bond financing in the management plan and in the resolutions. so, we took a pause and instead of coming right to committee, we regrouped with all of the different city agencies and the tid and the san francisco travel and negotiated the terms that we presented to you today. so that is a lot what is in the amendment in the whole and in addition to clean up items that we needed to fix. >> okay. >> starting from the dates and other type of... >> thank you and from my understanding from the city attorney, these amendment of the whole is not subnative in nature and so we can take action on it today. >> let's go to the analyst report. >>
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>> from the budget analyst office, and there are two items before you, the first the ordinance, has indicated to mend the business and tax regulation code to extend the future business improvement districts that are created from the current limitation of 15 years to up to 40 years and would provide an alternative weighted two-thirds vote approval that the board could approve as future business improvement districts come forward. and as this is permissive legislation, there is no impact of the proposed ordinance and we recommend approval. we write in the resolution that is before you, which would declare the board of supervisors intent to the new expansion district and for assessments on the hotels city wide, with the two areas, area
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one and two having the different assessment values, there is a table in our report, table two that shows on page 7, that shows the two zones and the different assessments on the gross revenues. and it has been presented, i will just go briefly. that and shown in an attachment three, on pages 15 to 17 of our report and as discussed in what is now the revised management district plan that is before you. there would be an estimated total 19.3 million assessments collected in the first year, 87 and a half percent of that or 16.9 million would be used for the moscone center expansion activities. and an additional one percent of 193,000 of those from the first year will fund the capital reserve funds to pay for the improvement at the center. and the med would also provide
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funding for an estimated 9 percent or 1.7 million in the first year for the convention incentive fund to attract business meetings to san francisco and 2.5 percent or 483,000 in the first year to the administration and operating reserve fund. these percentage allocations would change, that it would go down to 85.2 and the capital reserve will increase from 1 to 6 percent over that time. and shown in attachment 4 of our report, it is on page 18, this is the presentation by nadia of the correcter of the controller office of public finance there is estimated to be a total almost $1 billion of
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the moscone convention center certificates of participation, that will cover the principal and interest costs to be paid over the 30-year term at the conservative 6 percent estimated interest rate and that would be repaid with an estimated total of 930 million dollars of assessment hotel assessments from 2013 through 2045. again, assuming that the 1.25 percent in the zone one and 0.3125 in zone two, in addition there will be about 300 million dollars of city general fund contributions from 2019 to 2047 ranging from 8.2 million in the first year toup 10.7 million in
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the latter years. >> we did have many amendments they have included all of the amendments that we identified in our report. we do indicate that approval of the proposed amendment of the whole through the policy decision for the board. because it is our feeling at this point that if you go forward although this is a resolution of intent, this will trigger the ballot and the vote by the hotels. this will trigger approval of the plans, which is the commitment and is now in the proposed resolution that the city will contribute beginning the 8.2 million dollars a year, going up to 10.7 million a year.
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about $300,000 over the term and also knowing that the hotels currently with their petitions have over a 50 percent return rate. it is likely that this will come back with a favorable approval from the hotels so we if you want to go forward with the expansion of the center with the city contributions. >> that would be a city-run project correct? >> yes, it would be a city-run project. the other folks will be managing?
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>> thank you, why don't we open this up for public comment, if there are no questions at this time. i will call the names on the card.
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2012. >> okay thank you item 13
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please. item 13, department of human resources to execute a agreement for workers compensation work parties for an amount not to exceed $26 million and for a term of three years with an option to extend the term for up to two years. thank you. good asp. madame chairs and i'm here with ed reis kin from the department of transportation agency we are joining together to achieve efficiencies in economy of scales we think in workers compensation for the cities you have the report before you the budget department has made some excellent recommendations which
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we are planning to administrator as part of this contract. >> would you look to add anything to that brief presentation? i would just concur we have two separate workers compensation for the m ta and for the rest of the 70 and milky and i talked about this a year and decided that we could do better for all of the cities by joining force and is i had experience in my last role of finding ways of reducing workers compensation costs has been going down for many city agency and is the workers comp sayings has been going up for the m ta and so there is benefit for all of us coming together and that will save us all some money. >> okay do we have a budget analysis report?
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. >> good afternoon madame chair and supervisor kim and we have made some recommendation that is d h r is in concor dance with and by $799 to account to the december 1st start date of the agreement with us and m ta and to advocate prove the start date to november 1st 2012 and amend aimed the resolution to fix and evaluate the cost effectiveness of providing these services in house as opposed to a contract and an option to renew and otherwise we recommend the a proven prooivel of the amendments. >> thank you very much and i also believe there is an approval on the amendment or hold been on this item? i think there was an
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amendment a small amendment to the final resolve but we are happy to accept all of the budget recommendation and is with that last amendment they are all incorporate i think there was a number missing in the final resolve. >> was was it a number missing in the final number why don't we go to public comment first. are there members of the must be who wish to speak on the final item? final item number 13? , public comment is closed. jennifer m ta yeah, we made some final changeses to the final resolve class what is the change to the terms of the contract and then we added the contract amount. >> okay so just to be clear for the record, it reads that the final resolve close should read that the board of directors authorses the department of transportation and insurance
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services incorporated for a third party administrative services for the city's workers compensation claim not to exceed two -- for initial term of three years 2012 to act 3120 then with a two-year contract option at the city's sole discretion ask shoes the major change in the amendment and we have open and closed the public comment can we have a motion to accept it as a whole eve with regard to the budget recommendation my sung that the budget analysis recommendation a greece and given that the items are not substantive to in nature we can also make a motion to send the item forward we will do in a without an objection do we have any

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